Pastor’s Message

A message from Phyllis

My name is Phyllis Blazer and I am the pastor of Caton’s Grove United Methodist Church.   I’m so glad that you decided to check out this congregation.   It’s a wonderfully welcoming group of people!

I don’t know your circumstances.  You might be a new resident, a prospective resident, or a visitor looking for a faith home.  Perhaps you are starting a new chapter in life and want the support a church fellowship offers or have just started your journey of faith and want a safe place to ask questions.   Maybe you are new to church or maybe have been away from the church for a long time and are worried that you won’t know enough for it to be meaningful.  (When I returned to the church after a 25 year absence, I had that worry myself!)  Regardless of your reason for looking at our webpage and considering our church, I believe you will feel right at home in this congregation.

We are a small church –   but we are professors, woodworkers, musicians, retirees, educators, students, firefighters, business people, and more.  Some of us are lifelong residents of this area and some are transplants from all over the country.  Some of us have always attended church  and some of us have been away from the church for decades.  We are all different and we all have different reasons for being here, but we are family.  There is no judgment here and no hate.  We know God has called us through Jesus Christ to make our faith come alive in the midst of our community with love, acceptance, and compassion.  When you walk through our humble door, you are safe.

Whatever has caused your search, I am glad you found us and I personally invite you to come meet us.  Join us in worship some Sunday morning.    You are very welcome here!

I have served as the pastor of Caton’s Grove since November 2011.  I have a Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., and   I’m also a retired educator.  My husband, Larry,  and I have 2 grown sons, and two grandchildren.  I enjoy spending time with Grayson and Avery, my grandchildren, learning, and reading books and discussing them with others.

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