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Caton’s Grove United Methodist Church is located in Cosby TN just a mile from the Cosby entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The church is over 100 years old, built in 1903 by Rev. Thomas Caton. We love having folks visiting the National Park stop in to visit us also.

Each year on the 3rd Sunday in July we have a Homecoming and Caton family members who have moved all over the country come for a visit. We spend a few hours celebrating in song and sermon. Afterwards everyone goes to the National Park for a covered dish dinner and sharing stories of previous years.

5th Sundays are a time of singing with requests from the UMC Blue book and the old standard Red Book.

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  1. patsy nicholson says:

    I visited your church last week, and seen a lot of valentines buried there, My grandmother is buried some where in Cosby tn. I would like to know if you have burial records of people buried in the early 1915- 1920’s. Please email me and let me know…thank you very much.

  2. Good Afternoon,
    I am Kayla Chappell the Foster Parent Trainer/Recruiter for Youth Villages in Morristown. I am emailing your church with intentions on meeting with/ speaking with the church’s community liaison, or someone in ministry that deals with the important issue of Foster Care. Many churches in our area do not have designated leaders to tend to this issue therefore I am open to speaking with anyone who can make decisions for the church. Our current Foster Care Parents are very faith based and this is why it is important to speak to different churches. I am interested specifically in building a partnership with your church; this simply means that you would be interested in me coming out on certain nights during the month to speak with the church about Foster Care/ Adoption. I am also available for setting up a display table before or after church services or other events the church participates in. Also, the church has the option of opening their doors to allow training for the families on certain days. Again, I am very interested in meeting with someone from this church to set up a potential meeting to discuss what Youth Villages can offer your church. Please feel free to contact me anytime I will return any missed calls or messages. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Kayla Chappell, MACJ
    Foster Care Trainer/Recruiter
    Youth Villages – Morristown
    Millennium Square, Suite 302, 225 W. First North Street Morristown, TN 37814
    Office: 423-522-2171 Cell: 334-407-9503 Fax: 423-522-2180

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